Theatre Work

As a freelance costume designer and wardrobe supervisor I work a lot in professional theatre. I have been working in the Scottish theatre industry since 2004 and have had the honour to work on some incredible costumes with some very inspiring people.

Below is my most recent work.

Recent Theatre work:


  • RCS opera: 'Threepenny opera' - Wardrobe supervisor 
  • NYDCS:  - Costume Designer


  • Neil Laidlaw productions: 'The steamie at the Hydro' - Head of Wardrobe
  • Tron Theatere: 'Cinderfella' - Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Tron Theatre: 'The Alchemist' - Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Y-Dance: 'Project Y' - Costume Designer
  • Tron Theatre: 'The Ugly one' - Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Glasgow life: 'Low pay? Don't pay' - Wardrobe Supervisor 
  • Leyla Josephine: 'Daddy Drag' - Costume & Set Designer 
  • Tron Theatre & Sherman Theatre Cardiff: Taiming of the Shrew - Dresser
  • RCS: 'Opera Projects' - Wardrobe Supervisor
  • NYDCS: Costume Designer


  • Tron Theatre: 'Mammy Goose' - Wardrobe Supervisor 
  • Jendagi Productions: 'The Dolls do Drag' - Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Tron Theater: 'Ballyturk' - Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Y-dance: 'Project Y' - Costume Designer
  • Veejo Poductions: 'The Rocketship' (film) - Set designer 
  • Tron Theatre: 'Pride & Prejudice *Sort of' - Wardrobe Supervisor 
  • Tron Theatre: 'Ma, Pa & the little mouth' - Wardrobe Supervisor 
  • Tron Theatre: 'Motherf****r with the hat' - Wardrobe Supervisor 

The steamie at the Hydro. Photo credits: Christopher Bowen

Daddy Drag. Photo Credits: Daniel Hughes


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