How to choose a sewing pattern?

Sewing Patterns

How to choose a good beginners sewing pattern.

There are a few factors to considerate before choosing your first sewing pattern. I always recommend a learning pattern from a modern independent pattern maker. I've made a list below of some great ones.

Here is a wee checklist of things I would look out for, but you choose based on your own capability and patience. Sewing is all about being patient.

  • Check what kind of fastening it has, choose something easier like maybe a wrap skirt or a floaty top that don't need any fastening to start with.
  • Check the amount of pattern pieces there is. The more there is the more time-consuming the project will be. Are you patient enough? 
  • Sleeves and collars, some love them, some hate them. Maybe a built-in-sleeve pattern like a kimono to start with? And a Peter Pan collar rather than a standing shirt collar. But once again, you will know where your limits are.

Here are some pattern companies I recommend to start with, or generally are just lovely to work with  no matter what level you are at:

If you have any questions about choosing your pattern then please send an email my way. You can always find me on facebook for frequent updates and pattern inspiration.