Fix your Sewing Machine Class

Take care of your machine and it will be your friend forever.


Something we all forget but which is very important is to take care of our sewing machine.

It likes to get cleaned and oiled *regularly to run smoothly. (depending on how often you use it you

will need to clean it more or less often)


I thought it would be a great start of the year to give some TLC to our machines so I will have a special class dedicated to taking care of our favourite household machine. Get to know your sewing machine and all the parts.  


Bring along your sewing machine, pedal and the instruction manual if you can find it. I have cleaning brushes, screwdrivers, oils and cloths, all the cleaning tools needed for the day.


For this class you don't need to have any sewing experience at all, if you have an old sewing machine that have been standing in the back of your cupboard for ages and you don't know if it is working correctly or not, this is the class for you. If your machine is not working correctly and we cant get it working in the class we can figure out if it is worth getting it fixed by a mechanic or maybe it will be time to invest in a new one.


There will be coffee and cakes as always.   



The club needs to be booked in advance to make sure there is space for everyone.

If you have any questions about the maintenance club, then please send an email my way: or find me on facebook for frequent updates and pattern inspiration. 




How to take care of your

Sewing Machine

The Sewing Club is embracing all the Christmas feelings!

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