Theatre Work

As a freelance costume designer and wardrobe supervisor I work a lot in professional theatre. I have been working in the Scottish theatre industry since 2004 and have had the honour to work on some incredible costumes with some very inspiring people.

Below is my most recent work.

Recent Theatre Design work:

Costume and set design:

Upcoming in 2015:

  • Project Y - Y-dance company: Costume design Jennie Loof
  • Whiteout - DIrector/Choreogropher: Natasha Gilmore & Designer Jennie Loof

Costume Design:


  • Scotchhoppers for Stillmotion Dance company - DIrector/Choreogropher: Brian Hartley 
  • Conversation with Carmel for Barrowland Ballet - DIrector/Choreogropher: Natasha Gilmore
  • Torque for Paragon Productions - DIrector/Choreogropher: Caroline Bowditch

Recent work as Wardrobe Supervisor:

Tron Theatre: 2014

  • Miracle on 34 Parnie Street - Director: Johnny McKnight & Designer: Kenny Miller
  • 3 sisters - Director: Andy Arnold & Designer: John Byrne
  • Beowulf - Director: Lynne Parker & Designer: Charlotte Lane
  • Under Milkwood - Director: Gareth Nicholls & Designer :Charlotte Lane
  • Edwin Morgan Dreams - Director: Andy Arnold & Designer: Kirsty McGabe
  • The Tempest- Director: Andy Arnold & Designer: Hazel Blue
  • Our Country’s Good- Director: Gerry Mulgrew & Designer: Isaac Wilcox
  • This Wide Night - Director: David Greig & Designer: Karen Tennant

Other Theatres 2014:

  • Falling in Love with Frida (Dance)- Choreographer Caroline Bowditch
  • Tales of a Grandson - McRobert theatre (touring)


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